TattsBet All-Up

TattsBet All-Up

Fixed Price Bet Type

TattsBet All-Up allows you to combine a set of "Fixed Price" bets on your favourite sporting events. Being Fixed Price means the dividend to be paid is set at the time of purchase rather than when the results are entered.  If all of your selections win, then you win - the multiplication of all the prices.

The TattsBet All-Up is made up of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 different "Fixed Price" sporting events.  Each of these is referred to as a leg, with one TattsBet Number for each leg.

TattsBet Offer Numbers are listed on the TattsBet Section of the menu and have a unique 4-6 digit number. Betting can Only be placed for WIN bets.  All-Up bets can have a minimum investment of $1 and the leg's can be entered in any order.

The majority of TattsBet Events will be allowed in a TattsBet All-Up, however some options will be excluded from either single betting or multi betting. If so, TattsBet will identify single or multi only markets for your information.  There are certain combinations of events or selections that can not be put together on a All-Up.  These include:

Note that the above conditions are subject to change without notice.

See an example in Netbet Express.

With the exception of 'Final Field' Racing events, all bets are "all in". This means that if ANY of your selections are declared a non-runner or are scratched after you have placed your bet your money is NOT refunded. Refer to TattsBet All-Up Racing for Racing All-Up's.

See also TattsBet, TattsBet Racing All-Up.