Once you have a Telebet account, the next step to betting online is downloading Netbet Pro. Netbet Pro is our secure betting application that allows you to place a bet over the Internet. Netbet Express and Netbet Pro use very strong 128 bit encryption to protect your details and transactions. This level of encryption is used by large-scale online banks, brokerages, healthcare organisations, and insurance companies world-wide.

Download Netbet Download and install the Netbet Pro application.
About Netbet Pro
Netbet Pro Prerequisites
Installation & Download Instructions
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ABOUT Netbet Pro

Netbet Pro is our betting application that is loaded onto your computer. Netbet Pro allows you to place multiple bets at one time within seconds.

Netbet Pro also has a number of other features including:
•  Secure Link - Strong encryption between you and UNiTAB (128 bit security).
•  Built-in Browser.
•  Easy to get started - Download Netbet and enable your Telebet account.
•  Bet types - Win/Place, Quinella, Exacta, Any2, Trifecta, First4, Doubles, Treble, Quadrella, All-Up, FootyTAB and TattsBet (Fixed Price)
•  Bet Preferences - Select default bet types, bet amounts and more.

Netbet Pro does NOT generate bets on your behalf.  It merely sends any bets you compose to the UNiTAB Telebet System and sells them against your account.  UNiTAB Ltd do NOT endorse or approve of any computer betting systems.  Please click here for more information.

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To start betting through the Internet, you will need the following minimum requirements:
a PC running...
•  Windows 98SE (16MB)
or Windows ME (32MB)
or Windows 2000 (32MB)
or Windows NT (32MB)
or Windows XP (64MB)
•  Windows 98 and ME will require the Microsoft Installer Application (MSI) for the Setup Program to operate.  Click here to download this from Microsoft.
•  High Encryption Pack (128 bit) (More Info)
Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.0+
•  Screen resolution set to a minimum of 1024x768

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1.  Close down ALL applications (except this window) before you begin the installation process.
2.  If you already have a version of Netbet Pro or Netbet 4 installed, use "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel to Remove all previous versions.
  Windows 98 and ME will require the Microsoft Installer Application (MSI) for the Setup Program to operate.  If you have not already installed this, click here to download this from Microsoft.
3.  Download the Netbet Pro application.
We recommend you save the file to c:\temp. (This is a large file and could take 20 minutes or more to download.)

Download Netbet Click here to download the application.

On the File Download screen, select "Save this program to disk".


4.  The Setup program will be copied to your selected download directory.

  It is important to check the file size of the Setup file.  Use Windows Explorer to see the properties of the Setup file and check that the size is around the 2.07mb.
5.  Using Windows Explorer, go to your selected download directory.

6.  Double click the Setup file that was copied to your directory.

7.  The Netbet Pro Setup screen will be displayed... Click Next on the Welcome page.


8.  Confirm the default Setup arrangement suits your environment. These defaults should suit most applications. Press Next.


9.  You will be asked to confirm your choice of installation.  Click Next to continue.

At this point the program checks for required files. You may be asked to reboot your computer. If so: Wait for your PC to reboot. The PC must reboot before continuing. Restart installation at "Step 5"

10.  Files will be installed and a program icon created.


11.  Wait for a message which says "Netbet Pro Setup was completed successfully". You are now ready to bet.


12.  Read the Conditions of Use BEFORE starting to bet.

13.  If your account is not already Netbet enabled, contact Netbet Hotline to enable your account.

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